UK-France CT cannon contract

CTA International has signed a three-year contract with France and the UK covering technical support matters for the CT (cased telescope) Cannon following a meeting yesterday between Laurent Collet-Billon, the head of France’s DGA procurement agency and Harriett Baldwin, the UK’s Minister for Defence Procurement.

Laurent Collet-Billon, and  Harriet Baldwin, after the  signature of the bilateral agreements on 15 December 2016

Laurent Collet-Billon and Harriet Baldwin, after the signature of the bilateral agreements on 15 December 2016

CTA International is a 50/50 Joint Venture company founded in 1994 between BAE Systems and Nexter Systems. It is located in Bourges in the heart of the historic military centre of France. The company comprises more than 60 British and French Engineers and Support staff and is dedicated to Research & Development, Manufacturing and Sale of 40 CT Technology.

The 40 CTAS (cased telescoped armament system) is primarily aimed to equip armoured and reconnaissance vehicles.

UK-French defence cooperation has led to the integration of the CT Cannon onto the British Army’s new multi-role AJAX armoured vehicle and the Warrior infantry fighting vehicle, while France is integrating it onto the new Jaguar armoured vehicle.

The British defence ministry says the “CT Cannon is a great example of bilateral cooperation leading to improved capability for our armed forces. The CT Cannon is smaller and lighter than conventional weapons of similar calibres, providing unrivalled punch for its size. The unique cylindrical CT ammunition design takes up less space than similar systems and is easier to select and load for automatic handling systems.”

Collet-Billon and Baldwin were meeting in Paris for the 27th High Level Working Group, founded by the 2010 Lancaster House Treaties, which is the highest level of Franco-British armament cooperation. It meets several times a year and is co-presided by the French and British heads of defence procurement.

During this meeting they also approved the next phase of the UK-France Unmanned Combat Air System (UCAS) Demonstrator Programme and further hydrodynamics testing cooperation.