Time Runs Left to Right at Nexter’s

In terms of barrelled weapons, Nexter is better known for its heavy calibres, but the company’s chalet hosted quite a few foreign delegations at the recent Paris Air Show, its outdoor area displaying all manner of airborne light calibre guns and cannon, from the ubiquitous 20mm 20M621 in various mounts (including the NC621 pod, the SH20 door mount and the THL20  helicopter turret), the Tiger THL30 chin-mounted turret and the Rafale’s 30M961, which have all been fired in anger. The 20M621 in particular is regularly called upon to arm a number of utility helicopters around the world, but a sharp eye will have noticed the new orientation of the red half of the x letter in the firm’s name, now resolutely turned to the future.


Nexter’s stand at Paris Air Show 2015