RTD will have the means for the job


Joël Barre, the head of the DGA procurement agency (photo credit: DGA)

Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) will get from Volvo the means it needs to develop after the Swedish group decided not to sell the French military vehicles manufacturer, said Joel Barre, head of the DGA procurement agency, during a hearing on October 18 by the the National Defence and Armed Forces Commission of the National Assembly.
Jan Gurander, number 2 of the Volvo Group, guaranteed in a meeting with Barre on October 17 that the decision to stop the sale was final and that RTD would receive “the means to develop.” Barre told parliamentarians that he had asked Guarander “whether it was a definitive and final end to the sale or a postponement of a few months,” because “from the moment they decided not to sell, that decision has to be clear so that RTD gets the stability it needs. He assured me that this is a final end to the sale, also ensuring me that he would give RTD the means it needs to grow. We will follow up on these verbal assurances, and will be particularly vigilant.”
Gurander confirmed to Barre that he “had received two offers, one from the Franco-German group KNDS and the other from the Belgian group CMI. Judging that neither offer was satisfactory, he decided to stop the process.”
Gulander was accompanied by RTD boss Emmanuel Levacher, who “reassured me on this point,” Barre emphasized, adding: “things are clear: Volvo is not selling RTD, RTD remains as it is and continues on its development path.