RTD officially gets VLTP NP contract

Renault Trucks Defense was officially notified of the contract FOB revealed on 8 December to supply the first one thousand polyvalent light tactical vehicles (VLTP NP) on 23 December 2016, the French DGA procurent agency has announced. 


The future VLTP NP ()photo credit: RTD)

The future VLTP NP (photo credit: RTD)


Attributed on 8 December 2016 to Renault Trucks Défense “following a European competition“, the VLTP NP contract includes “the acquisition of 3,700 vehicles for the three armies, the armed forces’ fuel service and the joint munitions service,” the DGA said. Of the first 1,000 vehicles now ordered, the first 500 will be delivered in 2018, the remainder in 2019.


RTD will militarise the 3,700 civilian Ford Everests on its site at Saint Nazaire (on France’s Atlantic coast, north of Bordeaux) over a period of at least four years. This militarisation includes strengthening the chassis and the suspension, as well as fitting weapons support systems and moveable window protectors. The VLTP NPs will also be equipped with transmissions and telecommunications systems. RTD’s factory at Fourchambault will supply logistics support.


Designed to replace the legendary Peugeot P4, the VLTP NP will be used to rapidly transport up to five fully equipped infantrymen cross-country both within France on on stabilised foreign theatres of operation. Equipped with a 150Hp engine, the VLTP NP will weigh about 3.5 tonnes and have a 900 kg payload capacity.