Parly reassures over defence budget

Florence Parly, France’s new Minister of the Armed Forces, today (23 June) reassured the military concerning the armed forces budget. As a past Secretary of State for the Budget, Parly knows the ins and outs of budgetary arbitrations. “It’s up to me to ensure that the country gives you the means to reconstruct and that you have the best equipment in terms of both efficiency and protection in operations in order to carry out the tasks entrusted to you by the president of the Republic. This is what we owe you and I commit myself to it,” she said at the Percy Military Hospital this morning during her first visit to the Forces.

Soldiers helping an injured comrade (Photo credit: French Army)

It is both a joy and an honour for me to dedicate my first visit to the Forces during this National Day for the Army Wounded,” she said. “I see it as a symbol, for the presence in your ranks this morning of those who have suffered in their bodies or in their minds reminds us all of your commitment to the service of France and the French,” she added.

The National Day for the Army Wounded is a time when all of the Army’s soldiers, clustered around their injured comrades and their families, show their solidarity and support. It takes place in Paris, at the National Hospital of the Invalides, and, in parallel at a hundred or so Army bases both on the national territory and abroad on operations, as well as on social media.

The minister then visited the Paris Air Show where FOB noticed her pleasure at being in the pilot’s seat. She stayed there for almost 10 minutes. Perhaps she was comparing with the aircraft of her former employer, Air France, with which she is probably much more familiar!