Euro-Shelter reinvents police mobility

Recognised for its mobile shelter know-how, Euro-Shelter, a discreet subsidiary of the Nexter Group, is considering extending its portfolio with a new concept of “mobile gendarmerie” unveiled last week in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, at the ShieldAfrica 2017 show.     Born from a requirement expressed a year ago by an African client, this new project is designed to […]

French military fighting Chile’s fires

France has sent 65 military fire rescuers from the UIISC 5 (unité d’instruction et d’intervention de la sécurité civil) and UIISC 7 with 4.2 tonnes of firefighting equipment in answer to a call for international help from Chile, fighting the worst forest fires in its history with 366,000 ha of forest already burnt*, 11 lives […]

Pandurs for Austria and Piranhas for Romania

General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) has just announced that it signed a contract on December 22, 2016 with the Austrian Ministry of Defence to deliver 34 additional PANDUR 6×6 vehicles to complement the 71 the Alpine nation first bought in 1994. The first of these new vehicles will be delivered next year.   The […]

Sig Sauer P320 is U.S. Army’s new pistol

The U.S. Army has chosen Sig Sauer’s P320 as its new service pistol to replace the M9 Beretta which soldiers have used as their sidearm since 1985. Sig Sauer won the US$580m Modular Handgun System contract against Smith & Wesson, Beretta and Glock to provide firearms, accessories and ammunition over the next decade.   Released in […]

ShieldAfrica for the continent’s new ambitions

“It is vital for us to reflect on the ways and means of protecting our continent from destabilisation and to ensure that our respective countries can develop in a secure environment,” declared Alain-Richard Donwahi, defence minister of the Côte d’Ivoire, during a conference prior to the ShieldAfrica show held from 24 to 26 January at […]

Production delay for Malaysia’s AV8 Gempita

South Africa’s Denel Land Systems has announced that its biggest ever export contract, worth €257.5m, has been delayed by two years “due to the economic situation” in the customer country, Malaysia. Denel was to deliver turrets by 2018 for the south-east Asian nation’s fleet of AV8 Gempita 8×8 multirole armoured vehicles developed by DefTech in […]

Titus, Nexter’s spearhead in Africa

Every love story has its ups and downs… just like the one between Nexter and Africa. The sale of the Aravis to Gabon in 2014 ended a 30-year stretch during which contracts on the continent were scarce. Today Nexter is interested in the Côte d’Ivoire’s ambitious programme to reconstruct its army offering the TITUS which is being exhibited this week in Abidjan […]

UK’s Dstl and CAST to merge

Britain’s defence and interior ministries [MOD and Home Office] are to merge their science and technology departments, respectively the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST), with the process getting underway this year and scheduled to be completed by 2020, the ministries have announced. The decision was taken […]

Paris and Bogotá to sign defence pact

France and Colombia will sign a military cooperation technical agreement which will, amongst other things, allow Colombian armed forces to learn from the experience of their French counterparts in “international missions and peace-keeping operations,” the Colombian government announced last week. But the signature will take place during Defence Minister Luis Carlos Villegas’ visit to France this quarter rather […]

New simulation tool for French army

Thales is to supply its CERBERE solution to the French Army to enable combined-arms task forces to train in conditions very close to those encountered on operational deployments.The new system, whose name is an acronym for: Centres d’entraînement représentatifs des espaces de bataille et de restitution des engagements, or “training centres which are representative of […]