LYNX, from Hollywood to military training grounds

Amongst the many novelties unveiled last month at the Eurosatory show in Paris, there is one that could have come straight out of a Michael Bay film. Developed by French pyrotechnic specialist, Lacroix, the LYNX system gives a very realistic rendering of the noise and smoke of an impact, an explosion or a gun shot. Developed for training purposes, LYNX aims to create a realistic environment for soldiers to get them accustomed to a complex and stressful combat situation.

Here is the prototype of the Lynx system unveiled during last month's Eurosatory show in Paris (photo credit: Nathan Gain)

Here is the prototype of the Lynx system unveiled during last month’s Eurosatory show in Paris (photo credit: Nathan Gain)

Launched two years ago, LYNX is a training system that has already been demonstrated several times to the French army. Light and compact, LYNX comes in two versions: mono and multi. The former, with two compartments, is specifically designed for anti-improvised explosive device (IED) training whilst the latter, with 20 compartments, can simulate most other situations likely to be encountered by armed forces.


La version "mono" a été développée pour, entre autres, imiter l'effet d'un EEI (Crédit photo: LACROIX)

The “mono” version was developed, amongst other things, to imitate the effect of an IED (photo credit: Lacroix)

The LYNX demonstrator shown at Eurosatory can simulate a shot, an impact and the destruction of a target, three effects that are illustrated by colours, respectively white, red and black. Similarly, the chemical composition can be modified to reproduce different effects, from an IED to a mortar shot via a gun shot. These options can be modified to correspond to all possible tactical situations such as adding yellow to illustrate a nuclear, radiological, biological or chemical (NRBC) attack.


LYNX est conçu pour être aisément fixé sur un véhicule militaire et imiter un impact (Crédit photo: Lacroix)

LYNX has been designed to be easily fixed onto a military vehicle and imitate an impact (photo credit: Lacroix)

Lacroix used its know-how in pyrotechnical systems and decoys to create an intuitive, robust and safe product. Thus loading the system is intuitive and only takes a few seconds before it can be attached to a building, placed alongside a path or fixed onto a vehicle. Designed with a shelf-life of between 15-20 years, the company claims LYNX will resist all climatic conditions and electro-magnetic environments.


Of course, the cloud of smoke produced respects norms established by the French DGA procurement agency in terms of toxicity, noise, etc. Similarly, the system does not produce any flames when it detonates. And to meet today’s environmental concerns, the munition can be reconditioned and reused, or recycled.


Apart from the LYNX, the 250 employees of this company based in Mazères (Toulouse), produce all pyrotechnically-based countermeasures used by the French army.