KMW+Nexter = KNDS

After Kant, Newco and then the most difficult to remember intermediate name of Honosthor, Krauss Maffei Wegmann and Nexter have finally opted to call their new group KNDS by simply picking the first letter of each of their names and adding DS for Defence Systems.

In a joint statement issued on 10 June, the companies explained that “the new name clearly identifies the alliance between two established brands. By preserving both corporate identities and their logos and by combining their colours, Nexter and KMW are affirming their cooperation by pooling their strengths and capitalising on the good fit they form, while each company maintains its own capabilities and products.”

The group’s co-CEOs Stéphane Mayer and Frank Haun said:

“We are glad to present our new step forward on the path to a European defence leader through our new name and our common presence during Eurosatory.”

Even if the decision was only announced on Friday it had clearly been taken long enough ago to allow the builders to put the new name up yesterday on their huge joint outdoor stand at the Eurosatory trade show that opens in Paris tomorrow, 13 June.

photo credit: Christina Mackenzie

The new name was already up on the joint outdoor stand at Eurosatory on Saturday, the day after the official announcement was made (photo credit: Christina Mackenzie)

Nexter is devoting considerable space on its share of the joint stand to its involvement in the Scorpion programme. Three of the four Scorpion programme vehicles will be exhibited: the Griffon is being unveiled for the first time life sized, both on the Nexter and French Ministry of Defence stands whilst two of the other vehicles, Jaguar and the enhanced Leclerc (also visible on the French Ministry of Defence stand), will also be the subjects of special presentations by Nexter.

The Griffon on the French Ministry of Defence stand. (Photo credit: Christina Mackenzie)

The Griffon on the French Ministry of Defence stand. (Photo credit: Christina Mackenzie)


The fourth vehicle, the armoured multi-role lightweight vehicle (véhicule blindé multi-role léger) deliverable to the French Army in 2021 has not yet been chosen by the DGA French procurement agency.