IndoDefence reflects rising defence spending

by Joseph Roukoz


Guest writer Joseph Roukoz attended the IndoDefence show held last week in Indonesia and wrote this report for FOB.


The four-day tri-service Indo Defence exhibition which ended on 5 November in the sprawling Indonesian capital saw some 750 companies from 55 countries setting up their booths in the Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran, a significant rise on the 672 companies from 49 countries exhibiting in 2014. This growing number of exhibitors reflects the 4.7% rise in defence spending in the region which equates to over US$20bn expected to be spent on military and security procurement between now and 2025.

The Indonesian tank-boat (photo credit: Joseph Roukoz)

The Indonesian tank-boat (photo credit: Joseph Roukoz)

A new Indonesian-made weapon system combining the capabilities of a tank and ship, dubbed the “tank-boat”, made by state-owned land system and weapons maker PT Pindad, greeted visitors in the entrance hall. However, the show was dominated by the on-going medium tank competition pitting the Marder 1 by Germany’s Rheinmetall against the new Modern Medium Weight Tank (MMWT) currently being developed for the Indonesian Army by a joint-venture company composed of Turkey’s FNSS and PT Pindad.

A number of French companies had made the trip to Indonesia with Thales showing its Monie and Lucie night vision cameras, land tactical radios, both hand-held and vehicle-mounted, and the new TALTICOS combat management system (CMS), already in use in the Indonesian navy. A novel variant of the Thales STARStreak missile was shown with the improved performance ELMM laser proximity fuse.

Nexter was also there exhibiting the 105 LG1 light towed howitzer. Deployable by light vehicle, helicopter or even parachute, the 105 LG1 is the world’s lightest 105mm assault artillery gun, and is ideal for providing supporting fire for rapid reaction forces. The 105 LG1 is in service with the land forces of Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Belgium, Canada and Colombia.

Also on the Nexter stand was a model of the self-propelled CAESAR 155mm/52-calibre howitzer and FINDART, Nexter’s fire control system, together with its range of artillery munitions and Nexter Robotics’ Nerva, a family of mini surveillance and reconnaissance robots, which FOB has written about in the past (here and here).

MBDA was showcasing its comprehensive product range designed to meet the land, naval and airborne-guided weapon system requirements of each of the armed forces.