Hearing you, clearly


Elno, the French company famous for developing the full bone conduction technology headsets that leave the ears free to hear surrounding noises, is presenting at the Milipol Show in Paris this week, its new stereophonic headset, Hoplite, which protects the wearer’s hearing by considerably reducing ambient noise but letting her nevertheless hear what she needs to.

The novelties in Hoplite include high-performance computing inside the headset and cartilage conduction instead of loud-speakers.

Rather than transmitting the sound inside the earpads, as is usual, cartilaginous conduction uses a small “motor” which makes the cartilage near the ear vibrate. This vibration is transmitted to the inner ear where a very high quality audio signal is restituted. The main advantage of this technology is that the wearer can use traditional ear plugs underneath the headset whilst still perfectly perceiving sounds transmitted through the headset. So in a very noisy environment (demonstrations, rock concerts, helicopters, fires etc.) the operator can hear mission instructions clearly.

For outdoor use, there is the option of switching on the 3D TalkThrough which consists of two microphones on each side that perfectly restitute the sound environment in three dimensions, exactly as though the ears were uncovered, but toned down to protect the wearer’s hearing.

The headset is compatible with all types of ear plugs, most helmets including those equipped with Picatinny rails and glasses.

The Hoplite can be used in operating temperatures from -25ºC to +70ºC and in 93% humidity at 40ºC.