France’s defence minister resigns

Sylvie Goulard

Sylvie Goulard, France’s fleeting minister of the armed forces, resigned from the government this morning to be able to “be free to demonstrate her good faith” in the investigation into allegedly fictitious jobs held by her parliamentary assistants at the European Parliament.

Here is the press release she issued this morning:

The President of the Republic has undertaken to restore confidence in public action, to reform France and to relaunch Europe, which must take precedence over any personal considerations. This is why I’ve asked the President of the Republic, in agreement with the Prime Minister, to cease being a member of this Government. In the event that the preliminary investigation of the MoDem leads to an investigation into the conditions of employment of my assistants in the European Parliament, I want to be able to freely demonstrate my good faith and all the work I have accomplished there. The defence mission imposes specific imperatives. The honour of our armies, of the men and women who serve in them, sometimes at the risk of their lives, cannot be mixed up in controversies in which they have no part. Syvlie Goulard.