France Strikes Libyan Training Camp

After conducting a dozen recce missions over the Euphrates region, the French Air Force has decided to bomb what intelligence has determined to be an ISIS training camp in that region.


Eric H. Biass


While aircraft directly used in the operation are said to be Dassault Rafale multiple-role aircraft, the French Presidential Elysée services declined to provide details on the type of weapons used.

However, Rafales have so far used American-made Paveway guided bombs to conduct such missions, although the aircraft is also qualified to launch the more recent 250-kg AASMs made by Sagem in France. The weapon was used in Afghanistan and Libya.


The AASM, incidentally, is part of the weapons ordered by Egypt to arms its newly acquired Rafale fighter aircraft.


France acquired a number of Paveway guided bombs during the 2000s as a stop-gap during the development of the AASM. In its most refined laser-guided variant, the latter has a high-altitude launch range of up to 55 km and an accuracy of about one metre.