Delair-Tech joins UGAP catalogue

Good news for Toulouse-based drone manufacturer Delair-Tech: its DT18 and DT26X mini-drones are now part of the catalogue of France’s Union of public purchasing groups (UGAP). Delair-Tech is the second drone manufacturer, after Novadem, to join this catalogue of 300,000 references. And the cherry on the cake was a first order less than a week after the company was added to the catalogue from RTE which manages the high-voltage electricity grid.

The DT26X (Photo credit: Belair-Tech)

We are thrilled that our drone solutions including hardware, software and services are now in the UGAP catalogue,” said Michael de Lagarde, president and co-founder of Delair-Tech, adding that “the DT26X drone allows considerable economies of scale, given that the drone has the same performance as a helicopter for a price that is 10 times lower.”

In addition to these two drones, Delair-Tech offers a suite of accessories and sensors of the multispectral, LiDAR and thermal infrared type, as well as services such as training for two pilots and maintenance.

And its brother, the DT26M, presented at the Paris Air Show 2017

By being part of the French UGAP purchasing centre, Delair-Tech’s products will be easier to access for interested public bodies, such as the police, army and fire brigades. Delair-Tech was the losing competitor to provide mini-drones to the French Army, which, instead chose Thales’s Spy’Ranger. However, Delair-Tech continues to work in the defence/security sector and was promoting the “M” version of the DT26X at the Paris Air Show on the Safran Electronics & Defense (ex-Sagem) stand. Delair-Tech not only has two drones with unique performances on offer but has a more competitive cost structure than most purely military manufacturers.

Joining UGAP is another feather in the cap of this SME created in 2011. It has tripled its turnover in the space of a year, earning $7.1m in 2016. A curve growth that is also expected to attract around 20 new employees in 2017. Far from being limited to the French market, the “Delair-Tech phenomenon” can rely on 150 distributors in 80 countries to achieve its export targets, a priority for 2017.