Commando/entrepreneur training

It’s a little late to register for this year but for those of you seeking an adrenaline high, make a note that Défense Mobilité, France’s defence agency for professional conversion, organises ab-initio commando training courses. The next one starts tomorrow, June 27 at the national commando training centre (CNEC) in Collioure (at the eastern end of the Pyrenees on the Mediterranean coast), for the benefit of 18 participants in the “Defence-Entrepreneurs Course”. This course has been running for three years so you can start thinking about signing up for next year.

An immersion into the military world for 18 businessmen at the Centre National d’Entraînement Commando (CNEC) (Photo credit: ECPAD)

This programme is the result of a partnership between the Ministry of the Armed Forces and the MEDEF business federation, aimed at contributing to the rapprochement between the military and the business worlds.
Organised in pairs, military and business leaders will participate in commando swimming, sea “roulette” and an obstacle course on a cable. They will be in a challenging environment and will have to surpass themselves in order to test their stress management, their team spirit and their ability to express their leadership in an unfamiliar universe. Just what is needed before the family summer holiday!
The objective of the course is to enable business leaders from various sectors to familiarise themselves with the culture and codes of the military environment, while military personnel, (officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers of the rank) undergoing professional conversion will do the same, as they will benefit from a week-long immersion period in a business in order to better understand the daily life of an entrepreneur and assess their ability to engage in entrepreneurship.
To meet an operational performance objective, the armed forces employ young personnel, pursuing short-term careers. Professional retraining and the return of military personnel to civilian employment is therefore an essential aspect of the human resources policy of the Ministry of the Armed Forces. Every year, Défense Mobilité organises the return to civilian life of more than 13,000 soldiers.

The collective nautical audacity course (Photo credit: ECPAD)

We don’t know what the military personnel will be doing during their business internship but we do know that the businessmen will start at 8am with a course of collective nautical audacity (which involves getting across obstacles floating in the water), a commando swim carrying an 8kg backpack and a sea “roulette” (a 150m long zipline suspended 32m above the sea with a water landing). After a meal (which we hope for them is good) they will have to accomplish an obstacle course on a suspended cable.

The obstacle course on a suspended cable (Photo credit: ECPAD)

And that should prepare them to take care of their children on holiday …