An inflatable, unsinkable drone

Diodon Drone Technology is a French start-up that develops remotely piloted air systems (RPAS). The two young engineers who set it up have developed an inflatable multicopter, notably useful for search and rescue missions. The device has also drawn the interest of special forces because not only can it be contained in a small backpack, […]

Detecting and identifying radiation

SaphyRAD has nothing to do with precious stones but everything to do with detecting radiation. Developed by Bertin Instruments to replace the French armed forces’ decades-old DOM 410 and DOM DOR 309 radiation detectors, the SaphyRAD radiation survey meter will be known in France as the DOM 420. Equipped with a wider choice of more […]

French MoD wins fast payment prize

The French Ministry of the Armed Forces has won the 2017 Payment Deadlines Prize in the “Public organisations” category. That is to say that among the latter it is the Ministry of the Armed Forces that pays its bills the fastest … or, at least, among the fastest. This prize – in our opinion very […]

Spain saves its mountain troops

The Spanish Army’s plans to adapt its main combat units to multipurpose brigades (known in Spanish as BOP or Brigadas Orgánicas Polivalentes) is to be partially modified in order to save its mountain troops and to maintain two regiments with mountain combat capacity. The progressive restructuring and shrinking of the numbers of troops with mountain […]

Success for Thales’s EF88 rifle

Mission accomplished for the Thales F90 assault rifle, whose EF88 (Enhanced F88) variant sold to the Australian army has just completed a first operational deployment in Iraq with the soldiers of Task Group Taji 5, whose main mission is to train the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF). The “extreme” conditions of the Iraqi theatre made it […]

Turkey shows interest in Eurosam

with Nathan Gain   The Defence Ministers of France, Italy and Turkey signed an intergovernmental agreement on 8 November at NATO Headquarters in Brussels to strengthen their cooperation on air defence. This trilateral agreement will lead to the launch of a two-year feasibility study so that the parties can agree on the requirements and priorities for the possible joint […]

RTD sees a serene future

Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) is serenely facing its “stand alone” future even if CEO Emmanuel Levacher is aware of the issues he will have to deal with. For those who have not being following the saga, the issues are those awaiting the manufacturer of armoured vehicles for the defence and security sectors, now that its […]

No Haw Bi without Barkhane

Highly publicised, could the “Haw Bi” (“Black Cow”) operation, the first concrete action by the G5 Sahel Joint Force (FC-G5S) (Mauritania, Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso and Mali), launched on 28 October, just be a media mirage? Because, beyond the authorities’ self-congratulation, arises the question of the African forces’ dependence on French military aid given the […]

Who is Gavin Williamson?

So who is Gavin Williamson? With no military experience, never having headed a single ministry and, for most British, a completely unknown entity … until yesterday and his surprise appointment as the UK’s Secretary of State for Defence to replace Michael Fallon, forced to resign on charges of sexual harassment.   “The United Kingdom faces rising threats in a worsening international security […]

RTD will have the means for the job

  Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) will get from Volvo the means it needs to develop after the Swedish group decided not to sell the French military vehicles manufacturer, said Joel Barre, head of the DGA procurement agency, during a hearing on October 18 by the the National Defence and Armed Forces Commission of the National Assembly. Jan Gurander, number 2 […]