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And what if France becomes NATO’s no.2 (update)

Errors, notably concerning the organisation of NATO’s military committee, unfortunately slipped into the article we published on 11 January. This update adds corrective details supplied to us by a senior source in the Alliance.   Well here’s a rather unexpected consequence of Brexit: the United Kingdom could lose its traditional NATO number 2 slot, replaced […]

ShieldAfrica for the continent’s new ambitions

“It is vital for us to reflect on the ways and means of protecting our continent from destabilisation and to ensure that our respective countries can develop in a secure environment,” declared Alain-Richard Donwahi, defence minister of the Côte d’Ivoire, during a conference prior to the ShieldAfrica show held from 24 to 26 January at […]

Libyan weapon stockpile fueling Sahel conflict

Weapons have been found in six countries in Africa and the Middle East that “certainly, or very probably, originated in Libyan stockpiles,” according to research published by an arms monitoring group last month, which said a “particularly unexpected finding” of its investigation was “the prevalence of Ivorian-origin small arms across the region.” Conflict Armament Research (CAR), […]

MMP: an operational revolution

The article below is a summary of an article written in French by Jacques Doumic and Vincent Guibout published in the armament engineers magazine n° 109 (  The Milan, with its 2,000m range, was fully satisfactory for many years based on its simple characteristics: efficient against tanks, guided by alignment, the shooter positioning his line of […]

Who’s that speaking?

A “Mummy, look!” or “Daddy, watch!” shouted from the playground will only turn the head of the parent to whom the call was addressed as the other adults instantly disregard it, having recognised that the voice did not belong to their own child. Spanish company Agnitio, has developed a machine that will do the same thing as […]

CONTACT at the heart of collaborative combat

The article below is a summary of an article written in French by Laurent Morin and  Christophe Groshenry published in the armament engineers magazine n° 109 ( Are you familiar with Slack? Probably if you are a geek at heart or if you’re under 20. It’s the collaborative tool of the Facebook and Twitter generation. Slack offers […]

Trump on defence part 3/3

  Concerning NATO: “I will also be requesting that all NATO nations promptly pay their bills, which many are not now doing.” With this strange, even funny, declaration, which sounded much like a landlord calling in the rent, Trump probably meant that he would like all NATO nations to spend 2% of their GDP on defence. He was […]

Trump on defence part 2/3

Trump promised his audience that “immediately after taking office [on 20 January 2017] I will asky my generals to present to me a plan within 30 days to defeat and destroy ISIS,” adding that “this will require military warfare but also cyberwarfare, financial warfare and ideological warfare.” But he gave no details.  Trump said he would ask […]

Trump on defence part 1/3

with Nathan Gain     Exit the shock of the first few hours, the time has now come to be pragmatic. Yesterday Donald Trump was elected as the future president of the United States at the end of a vitriolic campaign during which he gave little away as to his programme. As Germany’s defence minister  Ursula von der Leyen […]

An ode to French soldiers

In 2009 Chris Hernandez, member at the time of the US Marine Corps and today a reserve soldiers with more than 25 years of military experience behind him, spent several months serving with French troops in Afghanistan, an episode he describes as “one of the highlights of my military career.” In July 2013 he wrote […]