Focus and Analysis

French industry eldorado: Belgium

Nearly €9.2bn invested in major equipment by 2030, including a record contract for 500 “Made in France” vehicles: has Belgium fired an opportunistic “single shot” or lain the foundation stone of a partnership? France, engaged in a complete overhaul of its military ground tools, is regularly cited as an example by the “Strategic Vision” of […]

Bouvier to replace Collet-Billon?

Will the departure of Sylvie Goulard have an impact on the replacement of the director of France’s DGA procurement agency? That is an unknown right now but it doesn’t change the fact that Laurent Collet-Billon is 67 years old, holds the record of longevity in this job (9 years), and that rumours of his departure […]

Who will preside defence committee?

In the wake of the parliamentary upheaval underway in France, it is to be hoped that among the hundreds of new deputies who will be taking their seats in the National Assembly for the first time in their lives next week, there will be some not only interested in questions of national defence and the […]

NATO reflects on cyberspace – part 2

The second part of our exclusive report from the NATO TIDE Sprint meeting   Aside from the morning plenary sessions there was a large selection of round tables, one of which centred on these cyber issues. Dr Tamsin Moye, a senior scientist cybersecurity within the NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency in The Hague, highlighted […]

NATO reflects on cyberspace – part 1

An exclusive report from a NATO TIDE Sprint meeting in Saint-Malo   On the café terraces crowded with holidaymakers this first week of the Easter holidays, the men in darks suit and ties chatting in English were rather out of place in the bright sunshine of Saint-Malo on France’s Britanny coast. Only those with knowledge […]

Tiger ballet

Just for the sheer pleasure, here’s a video we found of two French Tiger helicopters strutting their stuff.

CMI playing the French card for RTD

Perhaps it is just coincidence but CMI, a 200-year old Belgian company hoping to buy Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) from Volvo, today organised a big event on its new Cockerill Campus in Commercy, eastern France, that looked for all the world like an exercise in lobbying. Attended by members of the defence commissions of both […]

Fighting face-to-face

“A dog of war / diplomat / experienced technician / built like an athlete / well-bred and polite in all circumstances.” This description of today’s French infantryman was given on 16 March by Lt-General Eric Margail, army inspector, in a speech at the symposium organized in Paris by the Draguignan Infantry College. He regretted, however, […]

RAMBO and the U.S. Army

What soldier has never dreamed of having RAMBO as a combat companion? This could soon be a reality thanks to U.S. Army researchers, whose 40mm RAMBO grenade launcher, made using additive manufacturing (commonly known as 3D printing), has just fired the first ammunition produced the same way. This is a world first, which confirms the relevance of […]

Re-thinking the French soldier’s social services

Pauperisation, problems finding a civilian job, an explosive rise in the number of divorces… the intensity of recent operations is now putting military personnel under new pressures and these require a different sort of social accompaniment. “An army in times of peace does not require the same social support as a fighting army,” remarks Geneviève […]