Canadian Army Goes for Renault Kerax

Canada announced today (16 July) that it has elected Renault Trucks Défence as the supplier of its new fleet of 8×8 logistic vehicles for its army to the tune of over MC$700. At stake is the delivery of 1,500 Renault Kerax trucks, of which an undisclosed number will be endowed with armoured cabins.


Renault Kerax 8x8 tactical truck

Renault Kerax 8×8 tactical truck


The basic lorries, which will be built by Renault in Bourg-en-Bresse in France, will be shipped to Canada for final integration and final fitting by Pevost. The vehicles are to receive all manner of load handling equipment such as cranes and pallet loaders. Competitors in this programme included Oshkosh, Mercedes Benz and Rheinmetall-MAN.


The Renault Kerax 8×8, here an armoured cab version, is a 42 tonner powered by an 520 horspepower diesel. In typical configuration, it is 10.2 metres long and 2.5 metres wide.
The KERAX family of militarized rigid and tractor trucks is based on commercial vehicles which are adapted to the specific needs of armed forces. They benefit from the low lifecycle costs of commercial vehicles and are ideally suited for logistic missions with huge payloads capacities and a large range of bodies: cargo, troop transport, fuel/water tanks, dump, load handling system (LHS), shelters, recovery system, weapon systems carrier.


The KERAX may also be modified at a larger extent for tactical missions with improved off-road mobility, tactical air transport capacities or an armoured cab (ballistic and mine protection).

More than 900 militarized KERAX are operated worldwide including more than 400 in the French armed forces.