Bodytrak: listening to your body

Bodytrak, designed and developed since 2014 by British company Inova Design Solutions (Inova) supported by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), is a small non-invasive, in-ear device, which will send metrics, including core body temperature, heart rate, volume of oxygen (VO2) and motion (speed, distance, cadence) wirelessly to the user in real-time via a smart phone, smart watch or internet hub. Bodytrak could deliver better information for triage/diagnosis to assist field medics in the ‘golden hour’.





Now a mature system, this technology should this year undergo a series of tests in collaboration with the British Army before being deployed on a fund-raising army expedition to the Antarctic.


For the time being Bodytrak can only measure body temperature and cardiac rhythm, but the capacity to measure the volume of oxygen and breathing rate should be integrated by the end of this year. Later the soldier’s rate of motion will be added and all this data will  automatically be sent to a protected cloud which medical teams will be able to access to undertake necessary diagnoses.


Once qualified, Bodytrak will have to jump the hurdle of being integrated into existing military communication systems because even if Bodytrak does not interfere with currently deployed systems, this phase could nevertheless remain a challenge, according to Inova’s CEO Leon Marsh.