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What of Merkel’s security programme?

And it’s four in a row! Not exactly a surprise, German Chancellor Angela Merkel led her alliance of Christian Democrats of the CSU/CDU to victory in yesterday’s German elections with 33% of the vote. Even if the electoral shock of seeing an extreme right-wing party return to the Bundestag must not be ignored, our role […]

COSME open to defence clusters

What if the construction of a European defence industry was also founded on clusters, those clusters of companies that seem to be flourishing in the four corners of Europe? This is in any case what the European Defence Agency (EDA) is banking on by opening the COSME * programme to defence clusters, with the stated aim […]

Peach gets top NATO job

For the first time in 25 years, NATO’s highest military body will be chaired by a Briton. At the end of a long election campaign, Air Chief Marshal Stuart Peach was elected on 16 September by the Alliance’s Chiefs of Staff to replace Czech General Petr Pavel as Chairman of the Military Committee. So that […]

An APC version of the VBCI

The Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) programme, which is being fiercely disputed behind the scenes at the DSEi show being held this week in London, aims to provide a new 8×8 armoured vehicle to the British Army, and has in three years become one of the most promising export markets for French manufacturer Nexter with its […]

Bye-bye Lynx

Belgian Defence yesterday (7 August) launched the procedure to replace the 437 Lynx Light Multirole Vehicles acquired from Italy’s Iveco in 2007, de facto and in under two months completing the modernisation of almost all its fleet of military vehicles. This new project involves the purchase of “approximately” 440 identical command and liaison vehicles (CLVs) […]

Germans squabble over budget

Describing the level of military spending required by NATO members as “unrealistic”, Martin Schulz, leader of the German Social Democratic Party (SDP), and Thomas Oppermann, who heads the SDP in the Bundestag, issued a “clear no” yesterday to the “Trump and CDU/CSU” objective of 2% of GDP spent on defence. In an article published by the media […]

Polynesian Legionnaires sought

A campaign vehicle, a new Twitter account, a revamped website … the Foreign Legion’s operation “seduction” is in full swing. And it is now expanding 15,000 km away from mainland France by opening a recruitment office in French Polynesia in the hopes of creating vocations amongst the inhabitants of the 118 Polynesian islands and, above […]

LTTVs approved for Belgium

The least that can be said is that Belgian Minister of Defence Steven Vandeput is actively pushing forward his programme to modernise the Belgian armed forces. Following the official launch of the “Belgian Scorpion” (the Belgian version of the French Scorpion army modernisation programme), Vandeput gained approval on 30 June from the Council of Ministers for […]

Paris transport police to carry arms

This is one of the direct consequences of the decree passed in September 2016 on the safety of public transport: the Paris transport authority RATP may spent €1.7m to procure 1,200 9mm semi-automatic weapons and related ammunition to enable its security agents to patrol armed throughout the Parisian transport network. In a notice published on […]

Bridey heads new defence commission

Unsurprisingly, Jean-Jacques Bridey, the LREM parliamentarian from Val-de-Marne, was unanimously elected chairman of the French National Assembly’s National Defence and Armed Forces Commission. Bridey, one of the rare survivors of the XIVth legislature, succeeds Patricia Adam (PS), eliminated in the first round of the legislative elections. This seasoned politician, a member of the Defence Commission […]