AJAX simulators pass critical design review

Manufacturing of the 28 XPI Simulation driver training simulators for General Dynamics Land Systems UK to support the British Army’s AJAX vehicle programme, can now begin given that the critical design review has been passed. First delivery is due later this year.

The XPI Simulation AJAX simulator (Photo credit: Thales)

XPI Simulation, a Thales company specialised in training and simulation solutions, won the the £20m project in December 2014. A mixture of static and full-motion simulators for training drivers on all six variants of AJAX (AJAX, ARES, ATHENA, APOLLO, ATLAS, ARGUS) are being developed. The programme is the first of its kind in the UK; use of the ‘six degrees of freedom’ simulator has not previously been used within the British Army Land environment.
The simulators’ modular design is based on proven in-house technology which can be adapted to support other vehicle types. This meets the customer’s aspirations for reusable and reconfigurable training simulators, and is the first solution to follow the MOD Defence, Training and Education Coherence (DTEC) rule set, incorporating approved standard interfaces.
XPI Simulation is a pioneer in using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions to build and deliver high-fidelity simulated environments. The company specialises in innovative techniques for processing LIDAR data, a technology which maps physical environments in ultra-fine detail using a range of light frequencies, and ray tracing, which generates highly-realistic images by tracing the path of light and simulating its interaction with virtual objects. XPI designs and manufactures a range of simulator-based driver training systems – from desktop solutions to full-scale converted vehicles – for customers that include the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MOD), British police forces, advanced driver training providers, Transport for London’s road safety programmes, and Formula 1TM teams. In November 2013, XPI Simulation Ltd. was acquired by the Thales Group.