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A Forward Operating Base, or FOB, is a base close to the front line of ground forces’ operations and a home for soldiers. Basically a FOB is a makeshift town whose population can sometimes swell to several thousand. Some are very basic, others more sophisticated with air-conditioning, dining facilities and even movie theatres.

This blog aims to be the sophisticated home you can come to in order to get the latest news that concerns land forces and we hope its population will swell to many thousands!

Born in September 2011 when the boots on the ground in Afghanistan belonged to soldiers of many different nationalities, the blog was created by a few defence journalists who thought the issues that concerned these land forces: why they were there, what their needs were, where their equipment came from and so on, were as worthy of publicity as those of their air and seaborne colleagues.

These journalists have now moved on and, after a period of uncertainty, today others have taken up the challenge of keeping you informed in as an objective, unbiased and independent way they can.

Our aim is to be proactive, to go and find the news, interview the people, take the photographs, rather than just re-writing press releases…though we might do a bit of that too! We hope you like it.

November 2015

Christina Mackenzie, editor-in-chief, has covered the defence sector since 1997. She is a 2006 graduate of the CHEAr, the Armaments Section of the French National Defence Institute. Earlier in her career she worked for the Agence France Presse in Paris and the Associated Press in Brussels where she was responsible for writing about the European Parliament. A trilingual, dual-national, she writes the English version of FOB and also frequently writes the French version of her articles. Christina is a Fulbright scholar and holds an M.Sc in Journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, Chicago and an M.A.in Hispanic Studies from St Andrews University, Scotland.

A young Brussels-based Belgian journalist, Nathan Gain earned his MA in modern history with a minor in international relations from the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL – Belgium). Fascinated by military history he naturally turned to the defence and security sectors after graduating and is particularly interested in the war again terrorism, air warfare generally and, logically, on specifically Belgian defence issues. Nathan also writes for the anglophone websites Air Recognition and Army Recognition.