12th June 2017

Second life for VAB HOTs

A first batch of five VAB HOT anti-tank vehicles was handed over to the Lebanese Army by France on 30 May to begin a second life in the service of the fight against Daesh. This donation confirms the reinforcement of French military support  to Lebanon, backed up by an exceptional €15M aid package announced in April […]

Newly optimistic Portuguese army

In the image of Portugal which is enjoying a return to firm growth, its army is showing signs of new optimism and is beginning to invest again. The latest example was the launch on 5 June of procurements worth €75M for new air defence systems and light weapons, part of the overall budget of €250M earmarked by Lisbon to spend […]

HELPER, the life-saving drone

A life-saving drone? The HELPER (Human Environment and Life Protection Emergency Response) Drone is not science fiction but the brainchild of Dr Fabien Farge and brothers Anthony and David Gavend that was tested last summer in Biscarosse on France’s Atlantic coast. Rented for a symbolic euro by the Biscarosse municipality, responsible like all other French […]

NeTHIS, seeing through matter

Seeing through matter … a dream long the realm of science fiction but, since 2009, perfectly mastered by French company NeTHIS (New Terahertz Imaging Systems). Combining multi-spectral infrared and terahertz vision systems, the eponymous camera of this start up in Bordeaux has drawn the attention of the French military, the comapny’s CEO, Jean-Pascal Caumes, revealed […]

Thales’s Ground Fire radar concept

A new member may join the large family of Thales air defence radars. While Ground Fire is still only at the concept stage, Thales has confirmed that it has initiated discussions with the French Ministry of Armed Forces in order to determine its potential interest and uses. Unveiled on May 31 during a press trip, […]

Poland unveils defence white paper

“The magnitude of the threats resulting from Russia’s aggressive policy has not been adequately assessed in the past.” It is with these terms that Polish Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz justified the publication on 23 May of the “Concept of Defence of the Republic of Poland” which defines a framework for the Polish army for the […]