22nd June 2017

Belgium to buy Jaguars and Griffons

The Belgian Council of Ministers has today authorised the launch of a procedure for the purchase of 60 Jaguar and 417 Griffon vehicles worth €1.1bn,  according to an official statement by Defense Minister Steven Vandeput.   More details later…

Who are Parly and Darrieussecq?

A female minister of the armed forces replaces another. Florence Parly, 54, a member of the Socialist Party (PS), was appointed France’s Minister of the Armed Forces this evening in the cabinet reshuffle following the legislative elections last Sunday and the resignation of Sylvie Goulard who only held this post for 33 days. A former […]

Bouvier to replace Collet-Billon?

Will the departure of Sylvie Goulard have an impact on the replacement of the director of France’s DGA procurement agency? That is an unknown right now but it doesn’t change the fact that Laurent Collet-Billon is 67 years old, holds the record of longevity in this job (9 years), and that rumours of his departure […]

France’s defence minister resigns

Sylvie Goulard, France’s fleeting minister of the armed forces, resigned from the government this morning to be able to “be free to demonstrate her good faith” in the investigation into allegedly fictitious jobs held by her parliamentary assistants at the European Parliament. Here is the press release she issued this morning: “The President of the […]

Paris 2017: Euroflir 410 NG unveiled

Today at the Paris Air Show, Safran Electronics & Defense is unveiling its new airborne Euroflir 410 NG optronic system for convoy tracking, human flow monitoring, ultra long range reconnaissance, sensitive area surveillance and so on. Designed principally for medium and heavy army helicopters such as the Caiman NH90 and the Caracal, it could also […]

Two UK soldiers die in tank training

Two British soldiers of the Royal Tank Regiment have died and two others are being treated for injuries after an incident involving a tank which was taking part in a live-fire exercise at the Castlemartin ranges in Pembrokeshire, south-west Wales. According to today’s British daily “The Guardian” there was “an explosion or intense fire inside […]

New director for the STAT

There were a great many stars and stripes on the sleeves of the overwhelmingly masculine guests yesterday afternoon, gathered under a hot sun on the parade ground of the technical section of the French Army (known by its French acronym STAT), to bid farewell to its director over the past four years, General Charles Beaudouin. He […]

Fusiliers first to get HK 416Fs

The 1st Fusiliers regiment (1st RTir) yesterday became the first unit of the French Army to officially receive a batch of 150 HK 416F assault rifles produced by German manufacturer Heckler & Koch. “The first always the first!”, is the regiment’s motto and proved the error of forecasts by former Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, […]

Who will preside defence committee?

In the wake of the parliamentary upheaval underway in France, it is to be hoped that among the hundreds of new deputies who will be taking their seats in the National Assembly for the first time in their lives next week, there will be some not only interested in questions of national defence and the […]

Senators call for new MPL by 2018

France’s defence budget needs an additional €2bn a year for five years, according to a bipartisan report published this morning by Senators Jean-Pierre Raffarin (Les Républicains) and Daniel Reinier (PS) of the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Armed Forces Committee. And the two senators propose that the best way to reach this objective is through […]