30th June 2017

LTTVs approved for Belgium

The least that can be said is that Belgian Minister of Defence Steven Vandeput is actively pushing forward his programme to modernise the Belgian armed forces. Following the official launch of the “Belgian Scorpion” (the Belgian version of the French Scorpion army modernisation programme), Vandeput gained approval on 30 June from the Council of Ministers for […]

Paris transport police to carry arms

This is one of the direct consequences of the decree passed in September 2016 on the safety of public transport: the Paris transport authority RATP may spent €1.7m to procure 1,200 9mm semi-automatic weapons and related ammunition to enable its security agents to patrol armed throughout the Parisian transport network. In a notice published on […]

Bridey heads new defence commission

Unsurprisingly, Jean-Jacques Bridey, the LREM parliamentarian from Val-de-Marne, was unanimously elected chairman of the French National Assembly’s National Defence and Armed Forces Commission. Bridey, one of the rare survivors of the XIVth legislature, succeeds Patricia Adam (PS), eliminated in the first round of the legislative elections. This seasoned politician, a member of the Defence Commission […]

French industry eldorado: Belgium

Nearly €9.2bn invested in major equipment by 2030, including a record contract for 500 “Made in France” vehicles: has Belgium fired an opportunistic “single shot” or lain the foundation stone of a partnership? France, engaged in a complete overhaul of its military ground tools, is regularly cited as an example by the “Strategic Vision” of […]

Delair-Tech joins UGAP catalogue

Good news for Toulouse-based drone manufacturer Delair-Tech: its DT18 and DT26X mini-drones are now part of the catalogue of France’s Union of public purchasing groups (UGAP). Delair-Tech is the second drone manufacturer, after Novadem, to join this catalogue of 300,000 references. And the cherry on the cake was a first order less than a week […]

Parly patrols in Paris

On Saturday afternoon (24 June), France’s new minister of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly, joined a foot patrol with a detachment of the 152nd Infantry Regiment based in Colmar, who arrived in Paris at the beginning of the month for two months to take part in Operation Sentinelle, following a four-month deployment to Mali for […]

Commando/entrepreneur training

It’s a little late to register for this year but for those of you seeking an adrenaline high, make a note that Défense Mobilité, France’s defence agency for professional conversion, organises ab-initio commando training courses. The next one starts tomorrow, June 27 at the national commando training centre (CNEC) in Collioure (at the eastern end of the Pyrenees on the Mediterranean […]

Parly reassures over defence budget

Florence Parly, France’s new Minister of the Armed Forces, today (23 June) reassured the military concerning the armed forces budget. As a past Secretary of State for the Budget, Parly knows the ins and outs of budgetary arbitrations. “It’s up to me to ensure that the country gives you the means to reconstruct and that […]

An anti-land mine drone

Massoud Hassani knows about land mines all too well. A designer born in Afghanistan but settled for the past 20 years in the Netherlands, Hassani has been searching for a decade for “the” solution by surfing the wave of cheap mini remotely piloted air systems (RPAS). His latest project, the Mine Kafon Drone (MKD), is […]

Details on Belgian Jaguars/Griffons

No, this is not some kind of Belgian joke: the Council of Ministers today approved a proposal by Belgian Defence Minister Steven Vandeput to purchase 60 Jaguar reconnaissance and combat armoured vehicles and 417 Griffon multi-role armoured vehicles for a total €1.1bn. “This is the largest investment programme for land forces announced in the minister’s […]