31st March 2017

T-Rex, helping sniffer dogs

NBC-SYS has made a discreet entry into the world of explosives’ detection thanks to the T-REX system, one of whose prototypes was unveiled at SOFINS 2017. Innovation obliges, this subsidiary of the Nexter group has tried – and succeeded – in its attempt to unite three technologies with exotic names into one “nose”, namely surface acoustic waves, […]

Successful demo for eRider

The eRider, developed by Safran Electronics & Defense (ex-Sagem) carried out its first public demonstration in radiant sunshine at the Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar (SOFINS) held from 28 to 30 March at the Souge military base near Bordeaux, western France. Unveiled in June 2016 at Eurosatory in Paris, the eRider belongs to the […]

Vibrating with the special forces

Communication more than ever goes hand in hand with discretion, as demonstrated by the FEELTACT vibrating communication bracelet presented by the Novitact SME at the Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar (SOFINS) being held this week at the Souge military base near Bordeaux in western France. The FEELTACT technology is based on a vibration/light signal combination […]

Nexter’s connected helmet

It’s been a long time since Nexter was associated only with “big machines”. On the contrary, the French systems integrator is opening its portfolio to light tactical systems, such as the FINDADFI connected headphones. Unveiled at Eurosatory 2016 and now at the demonstrator stage, FINDADFI is Nexter’s response to the “French special forces’ requirement for […]

CMI playing the French card for RTD

Perhaps it is just coincidence but CMI, a 200-year old Belgian company hoping to buy Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) from Volvo, today organised a big event on its new Cockerill Campus in Commercy, eastern France, that looked for all the world like an exercise in lobbying. Attended by members of the defence commissions of both […]

What budget for which risks?

The question: “Defence industries, an asset for the economy?” posed by Le Cercle des économistes (The Economists’ Round-table) at a symposium held on 22 March in Paris, was not answered, but the 10-minute speeches made by General Pierre de Villiers, Chief of Staff of the French Armed Forces, and Laurent Collet-Billon, director of the DGA […]

Re-birth of French munitions sector

“A few months ago I would hardly have dared hope for this moment.” With these words, spoken on 17 March in Pont-de-Buis-Lès-Quimerch (Brittany), French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian declared the renaissance in France of a small caliber war munitions (5.56mm, 7.62mm and 9 mm) industry. “It is the rebirth of a sector that was […]

Fighting face-to-face

“A dog of war / diplomat / experienced technician / built like an athlete / well-bred and polite in all circumstances.” This description of today’s French infantryman was given on 16 March by Lt-General Eric Margail, army inspector, in a speech at the symposium organized in Paris by the Draguignan Infantry College. He regretted, however, […]

The Griffon has run

The prototype Griffon vehicle had its first run this week, FOB learned at the symposium organised in Paris yesterday by the Draguignan Infantry College. It will be evaluated by the French DGA procurement agency and the STAT, the army’s technical section, between April and October before they decide on a final production design.  The first example […]

Excellent 2016 for MBDA

“2016 was an excellent year.” So began Antoine Bouvier’s remarks to the media as he unveiled MBDA’s results for 2016: a turnover of €3bn which he expects to be able to boost to €4bn by 2020. The European missile manufacturer’s CEO said his group’s aim was to capture 25% of the global market, thereby keeping […]