23rd December 2016

Christmas break

Many of you will be on holiday over this end-of-year period and so will we! We’d like to take this occasion to wish all our readers a Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays. To all of you we wish a peaceful, healthy and happy 2017. We will be back on 2nd January.

Poland on spending spree

The Polish Defence Ministry is already putting into action plans it announced in early December to spend more than 61 billion zloty (€13.9bn) to acquire new weapons and military equipment from 2017 to 2022, of which more than 24 billion zloty (€5.67bn) will be spent in the next three years. Since this announcement, the Defence […]

Green light for Tiger HAD Mark II

An upgrade is on the horizon for the French army’s Tiger helicopter. The OCCAR European joint armaments’ procurement agency announced last night that it had signed a contract on 15 December with Thales, TDA Armement and Airbus Helicopters to develop the Mark II version of the Tiger HAD, the multi-role attack version of the combat helicopter.   […]

Libyan weapon stockpile fueling Sahel conflict

Weapons have been found in six countries in Africa and the Middle East that “certainly, or very probably, originated in Libyan stockpiles,” according to research published by an arms monitoring group last month, which said a “particularly unexpected finding” of its investigation was “the prevalence of Ivorian-origin small arms across the region.” Conflict Armament Research (CAR), […]

British Army loses a Challenger regiment

The British Army will lose one of its three tank regiments next year but will instead gain two new Strike brigades equipped with Ajax and Warrior vehicles, said the Secretary of State for Defence, Michael Fallon, in a statement made on 15 December. This reorganisation is just one of the proposals contained in Army 2020 Refine, a document […]

UK-France CT cannon contract

CTA International has signed a three-year contract with France and the UK covering technical support matters for the CT (cased telescope) Cannon following a meeting yesterday between Laurent Collet-Billon, the head of France’s DGA procurement agency and Harriett Baldwin, the UK’s Minister for Defence Procurement. CTA International is a 50/50 Joint Venture company founded in […]

MMP: an operational revolution

The article below is a summary of an article written in French by Jacques Doumic and Vincent Guibout published in the armament engineers magazine n° 109 (http://www.caia.net/page/517/la-revue)  The Milan, with its 2,000m range, was fully satisfactory for many years based on its simple characteristics: efficient against tanks, guided by alignment, the shooter positioning his line of […]

LERapp, anti-laser app

Ten thousand. That’s the number of hand-held laser attacks against both civilian and military aircraft recorded since 2009 in Great Britain. These attacks, aimed at dazzling and disorienting the pilot, are also on the rise on the other side of the Channel, due, in part, to the collapse in the price of lasers. The latter, which 25 […]

New A400M support contract

We don’t often write about fixed-wing aircraft here on FOB but we do like to follow the A400M given that its principal role is to transport ground forces and their materiel. Under the new Global Support Service contract for the A400M signed by Airbus Defence and Space with the OCCAR international programme management organisation on […]

Essential donations

No, cooperation in the war against terrorism does not just involve sending troops. Donations of military materiel are also essential as they allow local armies to maintain, if not augment, their operational capacities, and to improve synergies with foreign troops equipped with identical materiel. The latest examples? New donations of vehicles by France and Germany to, respectively, […]