12th October 2016

Russia’s BTR-82A gets Arctic makeover

The Russian Defence Ministry plans to buy 20 8×8 BTR-82A wheeled armoured personnel carriers fitted to withstand the extreme conditions found in the Arctic, according to Russia’s Izvestia daily which quotes a military source. The move comes as Russia steps up its military, trade and exploration activities in the Arctic region where Moscow has been building transport […]

Estonia gets first CV9035NLs

Estonia took delivery on 7 October of 12 second-hand CV9035NL armoured combat vehicles and one Leopard 1 recovery vehicle, manufactured respectively by Sweden’s BAE Systems Hagglünds and Germany’s Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. These are the first deliveries of a €113M contract signed with the Netherlands in December 2014 for the delivery of a total of 44 CV9035NLs and six recovery vehicles, […]

The mortar’s centennial

The article below is a summary of an article written in French by Bernard Amrhein published in the armament engineers magazine n° 109 (http://www.caia.net/page/517/la-revue).   It was in 1915 on the front line and in the mud that Edgar William Brandt first sketched  the plans for a lightweight and mobile howitzer to provide close combat support […]

A decisive step towards “OneMBDA”

by Nathan Gain and Christina Mackenzie   It will have taken France over a year to ratify the inter-governmental agreement signed on 24 September 2015 by France and the United Kingdom to rationalise the European missile sector. Britain notified on 23 February that it had completed the ratification procedure. But since the 29 September and the French Senate’s adoption […]

Monster truck, hyperboloid windmill and virtual skydiving

Yesterday we painted a picture for you of ADEX, the defence exhibition held in Baku, Azerbaijan from 26 to 29 September. Despite its compactness, ADEX surprised more than one by the number of innovative ideas unveiled there. FOB was particularly taken by three of them.   Let’s begin with the Hunta all-terrain vehicle, developed by […]

Baku’s ambitions

Famous for its caviar, vodka and petrol, Azerbaijan hopes to add defence to the list. That, in any case is what Baku was aiming for with the second ADEX defence exhibition organised from 26 to 29 September and attended by about 100 exhibitors and a handful of journalists, including part of the FOB team.   […]