28th October 2016

Is RTD for sale?

Renault Trucks Défense (RTD), the Swedish-owned French manufacturer of the Sherpa, the VAB, the VBCI and the PAP, might be for sale according to our colleague at l’Opinion who wrote on 24 October that three pension funds and various “foreign companies” might be interested in buying RTD and that decisions “could be announced in the […]

Acting the enemy

The French army show organised a week ago on the Nexter Systems site in Versailles Satory, west of Paris put the accent on equipment, as mentioned by General Jean-Pierre Bosser, the army chief of staff. What we noticed though, hiding behind the helicopters, armoured vehicles and robots, were some 30 men in black and a few vehicles bearing a strange grey/blue […]

From sea to ground

As we mentioned the other day, there were a few things at the Euronaval show last week that were of direct interest to ground forces. One of them was the amphibious landing craft known by its French acronym EDA-R (Engin de Débarquement Amphibie “Rapide”).   Although they are not new — of the four ordered, […]

Priority to equipment

“My priority is equipment” stressed General Jean-Pierre Bosser, chief of staff of the French army at a press conference held after the French army show, on the Nexter Systems site in Versailles-Satory, to the west of Paris.   Whilst confirming the continuity of engagements taken by the French government, the chief of staff defended the need to shift from being an […]

The French army on show

Last Thursday, FOB went to the Nexter Systems site in Versailles-Satory (west of Paris) where the French army was putting on a show, a major event during which it demonstrated the extent of its capabilities in the framework of its new “In touch” organisation introduced in May 2015. Politicians, media, industry, students at the French IHEDN National Defence College, members […]

The dazzling laser weapon from Brittany

Euronaval, organised in Paris from 17 to 21 October, is regarded as one of the biggest naval exhibitions in the world, but on show were a few items of particular interest to ground forces, justified by the narrow synergies between the different components of a nation’s armed forces. Apart from the imposing VBCI, exhibited as […]

Exclusive interview with Bruno Le Maire

  As the campaign for the 2017 French presidential election picks up speed with the first televised debates, here is the continuation of our series of interviews with primary hopefuls to try and establish where they stand in regards to the Army and the land armaments’ industry. Today we turn to Bruno Le Maire, candidate […]

An ode to French soldiers

In 2009 Chris Hernandez, member at the time of the US Marine Corps and today a reserve soldiers with more than 25 years of military experience behind him, spent several months serving with French troops in Afghanistan, an episode he describes as “one of the highlights of my military career.” In July 2013 he wrote […]

Denel and Thales join forces on gunnery sight

South Africa’s Denel Vehicle Systems (DVS) has joined forces with the optronic division of Thales France to produce the Above Armour Panoramic Gunnery Sight (AAGPS) for use on infantry fighting vehicles, combat reconnaissance vehicles and armoured personnel carriers. The companies will respond jointly to international requests for proposals for such systems.   Johan Steyn, CEO […]

French National Guard launches

Today sees the official launch of France’s National Guard, set up less than three months after President François Hollande declared on 20 July that he had “chosen to call on all women and all men, whom, in parallel to their studies or their choice of profession, have chosen a commitment to serve for the protection of […]