16th September 2016

Lessons learnt from Tiger cooperation

The article below is a summary of one written in French by David Colliquet and Cyril Gourd published in the armament engineers’ magazine n° 109 (http://www.caia.net/page/517/la-revue)   The Tiger has already had an exemplary operational career with more than 10,000 flight hours on foreign missions of which almost 8,500 totted up by the French machines alone. What lessons can be […]

KNDS is world’s third ranking defence-only company

The US defence weekly, US Defense News, yesterday published its annual table of the world’s top 100 defence companies. French giants Thales, Dassault, Nexter Group, Safran and DCNS Group have either progressed or more or less maintained their position. Unsurprisingly the table is dominated by US companies Lockheed Martin (€35bn) and Boeing (€26bn), followed by British company BAE […]

Defence Europe relaunched by Juncker

by Nathan Gain and Christina Mackenzie   “A Europe that protects is a Europe that defends – at home and abroad,” declared this morning Jean-Claude Juncker, European Commission president, in his first State of the Union speech since Britain’s Brexit referendum. Addressing the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, Juncker said that Europe “needs to toughen up” its defence policy, […]

Improving UN Peacekeeping

Countries contributing to United Nations peacekeeping missions met in London last week to discuss how to improve the way operations are planned, how to implement the pledges of support made by countries, and how to enhance troop performance on the ground; in other words, the “three Ps” of peacekeeping – planning, pledges and performance. “Modern […]

New chutes for French Special Forces

by Nathan Gain and Christina Mackenzie   The 21st century parachute looks nothing like the one used at the end of the 18th century by Louis-Sébastien Lenormand to jump from the Montpellier observatory on 26 December 1783. Today the parachute is a technical jewel, like the Phantom Canopy made by Zodiac Aerospace which recently won the French Defence […]

Paralympics for French defence athletes

Fourteen athletes from the French defence ministry are taking part in the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games whose events started yesterday, 8 September. This is an unprecedented rate of participation accounting for 11% of the whole French delegation compared to Beijing 2008 when there was only one impaired athlete from the defence ministry and in London 2012 when there […]

CAESAR in Iraq

The French Army has deployed the CAESAR self-propelled howitzer in the region around Mossoul in Iraq over the past few days but according to the joint chief of staff (EMA) they will only be operational “in autumn” (which sounds distant but starts in two weeks!). An EMA spokesman said this morning (8 September) at the weekly Defence […]

What if the first fuel cell vehicle was a tank?

Li-ion batteries, biofuel, hybrid propulsion, such as Renault Trucks Defense’s VAB MkIII Electer,  finding a clean, silent and economical alternative to traditional fuel is now the Holy Grail of military and industry defence laboratories. A key step may have been taken by the US Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Centre (TARDEC) and General Motors (GM) who will reveal a […]

Supacat for Kiwis

Good news for the 1st New Zealand Special Air Service Regiment (NZSAS): Auckland on 5 Sepember announced the signature of a €17.8M contract for an unspecified number of cross-country vehicles from British company Supacat. New Zealand had announced in 2015 that it would buy four different vehicles to replace the ageing fleet of Pinzgauers.   […]

Valls confirms steady rise of French defence budget

The French defence budget will continue to grow, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls told attendees of the Summer Defence University in Paris on 6 September, because “we have changed epoch. This is the end of being carefree. We have moved onto other ground.” And he said that France “must invest massively to ensure the security” of […]