4th August 2016

France’s military Olympic athletes

It will not have escaped your attention that the 31st Olympic Games will open tomorrow, 5 August, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). The French delegation is made up of 396 athletes (168 women, 228 men) and 33 stand-ins. Of these, 37 athletes and seven stand-ins from the French armed forces and gendarmerie are participating in 16 […]

British defence exports continue to drop

Contrary to French defence exports, which as we reported earlier this year reached a historical high in 2015, the tendency on the other side of the Channel is clearly downwards despite a significant €11.6bn increase in global defence export orders to an estimated €86.6bn in 2015. A report published by the United Kingdom Trade & Investment […]

Neuropriming headphones for Special Forces

D-IX, Methedrine, Ritaline, Provigil, and Captagon favoured these days by Daesh: there have been many psychotropic drugs developed and used by warmongers throughout history to help their soldiers remain “stronger, longer.” These “magic potions” could soon disappear, however, in the face of a modern technology which might soon be tested by UK Special Forces. It takes the shape of headphones which send out light […]

Félin adapts

Below is a summary of an article originally written (in French) by Patrick Curlier for the French armaments’ engineers magazine n° 109 (http://www.caia.net/page/517/la-revue). We will occasionally be publishing other summaries of articles from this magazine with which FOB, obviously, has an agreement! Félin (Fantassin à Équipement et Liaison Intégrés), [probably best translated as  “dismounted soldier with data-linked […]