18th August 2016

First Canadian TAPVs delivered

The first Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicles (TAPV), built by Textron Systems Canada Inc., arrived at 5th Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown on 12 August 2016. According to the 5th Canadian Division’s Facebook page they were unloaded at building L-33 where a final check took place before the Canadian Army took ownership.   The first six […]

Bulk purchasing is cheaper

“Bulk purchasing is cheaper” is a well known adage in the consumer world and it’s something that the Atlantic Alliance is going to have to get accustomed to. The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) has now made this type of purchasing a speciality, registering almost 50 major acquisitions in this manner in May and June 2016. The last […]

Celebrating military music, Scottish style

We’ve been celebrating military sports performances over the past few days, but music is another powerful way to tighten the link between the military and civilians. One of the most moving and entertaining military music events in the world has to be the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo (nothing to do with body art but from the Dutch phrase […]

Smiles and tears at the Olympics – update

This morning, 15 August, France has a total of 22 Olympic medals at the Rio Olympic Games: seven gold, eight silver and seven bronze. Of the 15 new Olympic champions and vice-champions, over half are from the military contingent which has won 10 medals: three gold (team cross-country equestrian event, men’s team épée, women’s RSX [windsurfer]) and six […]

Seeking cordless intercoms for French helicopters

Those companies that specialise in interphones may be interested to know that the French armed forces are seeking new wireless communication systems for their helicopters, according to an announcement published on 6 August in the official bulletin for public markets (BOAMP). The French DGA procurement agency needs at least 650 mobiles linked to 140 wireless communications […]

Italy has special forces in Libya

The list of countries “officially” fighting Daesh alongside Libya’s troops gets longer by the day. After Britain, France and the United States it is now Italy’s turn to confirm – or at least imply – that it has special forces on the ground in Libya.     A few dozen commandos of the Italian Army’s […]

So far, 1/3 of France’s Olympic medals are military!

The military contingent of the French Olympic delegation has so far been responsible for harvesting one-third of the French total of nine medals. It has brought in a gold and two silvers.                                   The first, a silver medal was […]

Shared Patriots for Germany and Netherlands

Germany and the Netherlands will be testing the interoperability of their US-made Patriot air defence system in Crete next October in the framework of the Extended Air Defence Task Force (EADTF), said German Brigadier Michael Gschossmann in an interview published by Reuters yesterday (8 Aug.). Some 40 missiles will be launched by 300 German soldiers […]

Spain’s missions abroad

One sometimes has a tendency to forget that many soldiers from many countries take part and support military operations all over the world which range from combat missions to diplomatic ones via peacekeeping, training and advising. So today we are putting the spotlight on Spain which currently has 2,116 military personnel deployed outside the Spanish […]

Russia’s Army Games

Just as some forty French military athletes are about to take part in the Rio Olympic Games (see yesterday’s article), another “sports” competition is taking place on the other side of the globe. Replace muscles with weapons and stadiums with shooting ranges: welcome to the second edition of the “International Army Games”, organised by Russia. From […]