6th July 2016

Three questions to the president of UDI

In 2017 there will be a presidential election in France. It thus seemed a good idea to us here at FOB, whenever we have the opportunity, to pose the same three questions about the army and the land armaments industrial sector not only to the candidates but also to representatives of political parties. Opening the series […]

French Army’s “In touch” model takes form

Over the past few weeks we have received numerous press releases regarding either the dissolution or the creation of commands, brigades, regiments etc. as the French Army prepares its new Au Contact (In Touch) model. The latter is designed to make the army more agile and dynamic. Able to intervene on foreign theatres of operation and […]

Stéphane Mayer, new president of the GICAT

Stéphane Mayer, chief executive officer (CEO) of Nexter Systems and co-president of the joint company KNDS (Krauss Maffei Wegmann + Nexter Defence Systems), was unanimously elected as president of the Group of French Defence and Security Land and Air-Land Industries (GICAT) at its General Assembly on 30 June. Mayer said he was “particularly proud of […]

LYNX, from Hollywood to military training grounds

Amongst the many novelties unveiled last month at the Eurosatory show in Paris, there is one that could have come straight out of a Michael Bay film. Developed by French pyrotechnic specialist, Lacroix, the LYNX system gives a very realistic rendering of the noise and smoke of an impact, an explosion or a gun shot. Developed […]