18th May 2016

Things to look out for at Eurosatory, part 1

From small rugged robots to private telephone networks, via hand-held chemical and biological detection systems and mobile border control systems, French security sector small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and larger ones too, were today (18 May) providing journalists with a preview of the novelties they will be exhibiting at the Eurosatory show next month. The […]

Thales launches Fed4PMR

Thales announced today, 18 May, that it is launching the Fed4PMR project, a laboratory for future secure high-data-rate 4G/LTE radiocommunications to allow security agencies and emergency services to securely share images, videos and data. The group has formed a consortium with seven SMEs (Air-Lynx, Archos, Eolane- Douarnenez, Expway, Ibelem, Silicom and Sysoco) and researchers at […]

Libya wants weapons to fight Daesh

A request from Libya’s new unity government to be allowed to import arm to help it end anarchy in the country, is being considered by the U.N. despite a five-year old arms embargo. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, addressing the media after a meeting in Vienna on 16 May attended by diplomats from more than 20 countries, […]

French team wins record number of medals at Invictus Games

The curtain has come down on the second Invictus Games which brought together 500 athletes from 14 different countries. The last six events took place yesterday, 12 May, with the semis and finals of basketball and tennis, two sports played in wheelchairs.     Tennis is played on a normal court with rackets, balls and nets identical to those used […]

Invictus Games swimming results

In the swimming competition of the Invictus Games there were 108 medals to win in 50m freestyle, 50m backstroke, 50m breaststroke, 100m freestyle, and a mixed 4x50m freestyle relay. Sadly France did not win a single one but a number of the French swimmers came frustratingly close. There were four categories of handicap: ISA: three or more limbs severely impaired or spinal […]

Invictus Games 2016 First Results

As the competition advances we will post the results of the French team here and when we get photos we’ll post them too.     Don’t be surprised to see that there are numerous medals because there can be several different events in some sports allowing athletes to compete with others who have similar handicaps, […]

German Army ups its recruitment

German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen today (10 May) unveiled a plan to dramatically raise the number of recruits to the Bundeswehr. After 25 years of budget cuts and falling numbers of soldiers,  von der Leyen is proposing a 180° shift with the recruitment of 14,300 soldiers and 4,400 civilians more than initially planned by 2020.  Based on a new concept […]

Prince Harry at Invictus Games stresses mental health issues

“You will see things that in years past just wouldn’t have been possible. You will see people who by rights should have died on the battlefield but instead they are going for gold on the track or in the pool. Mark my words you will be inspired, you will be moved and… you will be […]

Sagem, Coriolis and inertial navigation

Montluçon, Sagem’s (Safran group) historic base in the centre of France, was the last stop of the pre-Eurosatory press tour last week. It was the occasion for FOB to discover the company’s new Coriolis site. Named after the famous French mathematician Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis, this centre, unique in Europe, is entirely dedicated to the production of inertial […]

Scorpionisation of the Leclerc

If the Scorpion programme gives pride of place to the median capacity of the French Army, it also includes upgrading the Leclerc main battle tank. This “Scorpionisation” provides for the delivery of 200 Leclerc XLR tanks and 18 Leclerc recovery vehicles (known by their French acronym DCL) between 2020 and 2028. This should allow the […]