30th November 2015

Denmark relaunches artillery procurement

by Nathan Gain Sidelined in May 2015 for budgetary reason, the programme to replace Denmark’s ageing self-propelled artillery system has been given a second breath of life. Danish Defence Minister Peter Christensen officially relaunched the acquisition programme on 20th November. “An efficient and modern artillery is important for the army and the tasks they must […]

Training for deployment in France

Today, in France, we are confronted by an asymmetrical conflict with no front-line. The terrorist threat is multi-directional, elastic and in constant evolution. However, we can make a distinction, in the framework of our engagements, between advanced defence – at a great distance – on an external theatre, and rear defence – very close – […]

Germany joins the anti-terrorist ranks

Promises made, promises kept. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had sworn to French President François Hollande after the 13th November terrorist attacks in Paris that she would act “quickly” against the terrorist threat. Two weeks later her defence minister, Ursula von der Leyden, confirmed that the German military will deploy to support the French aeronautical group […]

Today’s innovations for tomorrow’s defence

Yesterday I went to the 4th Innovation Forum organised by the DGA French procurement agency on the campus of a renowned engineering school just outside Paris. The Forum is the occasion for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), doctoral students and laboratories to show over 100 research projects they are working on that have all been […]

And Sysnav created tomorrow’s geopositioning

Who has never dreamed of shaking off our reliance on GPS? Slow, easy to jam, confused by mountains and other obstacles, the GPS has revealed its limitations over the past few years. It was to find an answer to these limitations that researchers at Sysnav, a French small and medium enterprise (SME) based in Vernon, north-west-north […]

New USMC amphibious vehicle: two contracts awarded

by Nathan Gain   BAE Systems Land & Armaments and SAIC were both awarded contracts yesterday, 24th November, by the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) to build and deliver 13 prototypes each for the Amphibious Combat Vehicle Phase 1, Increment 1 (ACV 1.1), worth €98m for BAE Systems and €115m for SAIC. According to the terms […]

A snowboarder’s fantasy becomes a military vehicle

Possibly the strangest looking vehicle at the Milipol state security show held in Paris last week was on Canada’s Streit Group stand. Designed in 2004 by former Swiss professional snowboarder Urs Eiselin and his brother Andreas as a snowmobile for the desert that they sold for €27,000 apiece, the Sand-X T-ATV 1200 has now become a […]

French army recruitment offices overwhelmed

The 110 French army recruitment offices are busier than they have been for a very long time. Ever since the terrorist attacks in Paris on 13th November there are some 1,400 people aged between 17½ to 29 who cross the threshold of the recruitment offices every day compared to 400 after the January terrorist attack […]

ECA Dynamics gives birth to humanoid robotics in France

By Nathan Gain   French industry, considering that it somewhat missed the boat in the 1990s where military remotely piloted air systems (RPASs) were concerned, is determined not to do the same with humanoid robots. To this end the ECA Group plans to launch a new robotics sector in the French defence and security industrial […]

Britain ups its defence budget

by Nathan Gain   The British government is to inject an extra €17bn (£12bn) to procure and support military equipment over the next decade, taking the total to €254bn (£178bn) to tackle terrorism, deter state-based threats and respond to crises, whilst also meeting the NATO target of spending 2% of GDP annually on defence.   […]