20th July 2015

The Higuard officially enters service with the Singapore Armed Forces

Following the AMX-10P, Cougar helicopters and Mistral missiles, it’s now to the Higuard from Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) to confirm the strong links existing between the French defense industry and Singapore.     The Higuard Officially entered service with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), at the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the 2nd People’s […]

Canadian Army Goes for Renault Kerax

Canada announced today (16 July) that it has elected Renault Trucks Défence as the supplier of its new fleet of 8×8 logistic vehicles for its army to the tune of over MC$700. At stake is the delivery of 1,500 Renault Kerax trucks, of which an undisclosed number will be endowed with armoured cabins.     […]

Ultimate VBL in the Making

As avant-gardist in appearance it might have appeared when it entered service over 25 years ago, the sleek and popular Panhard VBL is now ripe for a serious overall performance boost. Performance is something that time gently takes its toll on, but in a world that has seen a dramatic turnaround in military presence capabilities, […]

Time Runs Left to Right at Nexter’s

In terms of barrelled weapons, Nexter is better known for its heavy calibres, but the company’s chalet hosted quite a few foreign delegations at the recent Paris Air Show, its outdoor area displaying all manner of airborne light calibre guns and cannon, from the ubiquitous 20mm 20M621 in various mounts (including the NC621 pod, the […]