29th June 2015

Enforcer Forges Ahead

A rather low profile programme conducted by the German arm of MBDA during the past few years when it was still called KFK, the Enforcer very discretely showed to the careful eye at the recent Bourget air show that it had made a significant step forward by appearing as a more “operational” weapon in its […]

France’s SDT Programme Update

One drone that sported familiar lines had every reason to draw the visitor’s attention on the Airbus chalet grounds at the Paris Air Show in spite of its diminutive size compared with its stable mates. The reason why it appeared somewhat out of place was due to  its lines that had rather more American than […]

Patroller Paces On

Sagem’s outoor display area was graced by the presence of the company’s Patroller drone featuring a couple of new mission equipment in addition to its company-made Euroflir 410 gimballed electro-optical sensor ball. Indeed the left wing was home to a streamlined pod housing a Selex Picosar synthetic aperture radar while the starboard wing hardpoint accommodated […]

Joint VBCI-Atlas Show

On the “static display” where it was parked behind the large Airbus chalet, the A400M Atlas and a French Army VBCI infantry combat vehicle showed that they were made to work in unison. To be more precise, the Atlas opened its rear ramp on Monday to show France’s President that it could easily accommodate the […]

MBDA’s new D.I.Y. Missile

As part of its Concept Vision initiative inaugurated in 2010, Europe’s missile house MBDA used the Paris Air Show to showcase the result of its young engineers’ latest brainstorming session – the Flexis. The whole idea behind the general design is to offer a base station (an aircraft carrier for example) the ability to assemble […]

Paris Air Show 2015: An Average Vintage

From a defence industry standpoint, the 51st edition of the Paris Air Show is unlikely to go down the books as a record-breaking event in terms of novelties and clenched deals. In the sky, the most deafening silence came from the Americans and the Russians. They simply weren’t there. This left the Dassault  Rafale all […]